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What could be better than an evening photo shoot, on the beach in a flowing skirt? Well, maybe all of that but in warm weather, because my-oh-my it was cold when we shot this! The weather we had on this day was actually quite lucky. We had enough wind to get the skirt flowing, and the sun kept peeping out every now and then to create the really golden photographs. Even though it was freezing and we got the shoot done in probably record time, it was really fun and I love how the photos have turned out.

When my mum came home with this skirt one day, we knew that I had to blog about it. This is one of those pieces which is really amazing and special, but there aren’t many occasions in every-day life where you can actually get away with wearing it. The top I paired it with is the same – when do I wear this without looking too OTT?

Apologies again for the amount of photographs, but on a shoot like this where I come away with +100 photographs on my camera, there’s no way I can cut it down to less than 20. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed shooting them!