Learning To Layer Your Clothing | The Essential Skill For Winter

We might be coming towards the end of January but I can already tell we’re going to be dealing with this cold weather for quite a while longer. When it comes to winter in the fashion world, what’s the key word? Layering, of course, an area that I feel is definitely not my expertise. I’m much more of a one-statement-piece kinda girl, and having to throw a million layers over the top is guaranteed to put me in a bad mood. However, it’s something I’m learning to accept – unless I want to move to a completely different country, that is – and I thought we could work on it together here on the blog.

I’ve put together my best layering effort and I want your feedback. Did I manage to make it work or have I still got some work to do?

When I spotted this shirt in the Hollister sale, its softness and heavenly scent begged me to pick it up, and I knew instantly that it would be a good piece to start with this layering business. For a classic look (which I’m thinking of shooting for the blog too, let me know!) I could have buttoned the shirt up loosely, worn with delicate jewellery and a tailored coat, but I was feeling this really dressed down, grunge style. I went for slogan t-shirt, check shirt, and jacket – a very simple look if you’re a layering beginner like me, but still quite effective if I do say so. It might involve pretty basic pieces but who knew when you put them all together it makes for quite an interesting, detailed outfit.

Style tip: if you’re wearing a jacket over a long-sleeve piece, roll your jacket sleeves up a bit to show an extra bit of detail on your arms too.

With a very monochrome-based look, the pop of colour from the pink shirt was very much needed I think. Although that minimalist blogger thing looks quite cool on Instagram, in reality all I want is a bit of colour to brighten the coldest of winter days. Just so happens it matches the details on my hi-tops too…


I need to know your thoughts on my layering look! Comment down below your opinions or leave me links to your own layering posts – I wanna see how it’s done! xx Sophie

Check out my Instagram to see the flatlay I made with this shirt  @notcentralfash

Wearing: Hollister shirt (linked similar below), Zara t-shirt (old, linked similar below), jacket c/o Kylie @ M&Co* (sale, linked similar below), Zara jeans (sale, linked similar below), Superdry hi-tops (old, linked similar below), Kate Spade bracelet (linked below)

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