5 Tips To Create The Perfect Flatlay with Born Pretty Store

Did you catch my blogging tips post last week? I shared with you my 5 tips on how to blog while working full time because it can be a tricky business, ya know?! This week I’m bringing my 5 tips on how to create the perfect flatlay to the blog. These are very necessary things you need to be doing if you want to make your Instagram look like a blogger just threw up all over it…well maybe not quite that, but I think you catch my drift.

Get yourself some cute items to photograph

Maybe this one is obvious – because you can’t really have a flatlay without any cute items can you? – but I just had to include it because the latest bits and pieces from Born Pretty Store are so instagrammable. I’m lovin’ anything that’s got a moon and star theme with it so I was quick to pick this necklace out from their Starry Sky jewellery collection. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be from the pictures but it’s the perfect prop for a flatlay so I’m not complaining. Plus it goes so well with the purple holographic nail polish  – yes, I did say holographic. It’s pretty mesmerising in person too.

So basically what I’m saying is use the code BVT10 to get 10% off your order at Born Pretty Store and bag yourself some cute props to photograph and you’re already half way there to getting the best flatlay you’ve ever made.

Get as high as you can

I’m talking stand on a chair, a stack of books, your bed – whatever is closest to you and is gonna give you that extra height. This is one I only started doing recently and believe me, it makes all the difference. You can literally go from wannabe flatlayer to the master of flatlay photographs in a flash.


Only shoot if you’ve got good lighting

This one can be difficult throughout the winter months because when is there ever good lighting in January? Just get as close to a window as you can, and if you want to go all out then buy yourself a photography light off eBay to make your pics look profesh. I got mine for about £25 and even though it’s huge and kind of awkward to store, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’ll make your selfies look a zillion times better too, but that’s another blog post.

Shoot on a plain, light background

Then you can layer as much colour and print on top of the background as you want. All you need is a big piece of wood or acrylic painted white or a large sheet of card from a craft shop, lay it out on the floor and plonk your cute props from earlier on top!

Use the right camera

This one is pretty important too. For example, I shoot my outfit pictures on a Nikon DSLR with a 50mm lens to make the background nice and blurry, but that’s not ideal for snapping this type of shot. The lens I use on my Nikon is fixed which means it can’t zoom in or out and is more or less useless for shooting close up like this. My Olympus Pen is the perfect camera for photographing flatlays, however. It shoots clear, crisp photos and you can zoom to your hearts content to get the crop right. If you want to save on the dollar then just use your iPhone camera – it’s as good as any.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful or if you’d like to see any more blogging tips posts! xx Sophie

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necklace, ring, holo polish all c/o Born Pretty Store*

This post is in collaboration with Born Pretty Store