Blush Pink Tones | Introducing My Puma Suedes

WARNING this post is brought to you by a blogger with R.O.S (repetitive outfit syndrome).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you another style post containing jacket of the bomber kind, jeans with frayed hems, and trainers (although these are brand new).

So out of fear of being an annoying repetitive person I thought I’d attach a disclaimer to the front of this post. If you’re still reading then a) thank you and b) you must be as stuck in your style bubble as I am! I’m sure you’ve gathered from my other recent posts that my wardrobe consists of 49% jumpers, 49% jackets and 2% other, and hey, I’m OK with that. To prove that to you, I’m adding another jacket to the equation – this time a varsity/bomber style with faux fur stripe. It doesn’t sound too appealing when you write it down like that but honestly I’ve had non-stop compliments on this baby, with it even being described as “swaggy”. I think that’s a good thing..!?

I know it’s still cold weather here but I’m using the fact that this has a faux fur strip around the middle to justify switching from arctic-weather-worthy parka to small jacket in the blink of an eye. While I’m reluctant to strap on a high heel in the name of fashion, and instead swan around in trainers every blog post, I will apparently sacrifice a bit of extra warmth in order to look swaggy on the daily.

Speaking of trainers though – aren’t these the prettiest sneaks you’ve ever seen? Blush tones are so in at the moment and I can’t get enough of them. It’s my first time buying a pair of Puma Suedes – I’m normally a big Adidas fan – but I think I’ve been converted. Not only do these tick all the boxes in terms of style and comfort, they were kind to my bank account too. The Pumas were at least £20 cheaper than the pair of Adidas Gazelles that I also had my eye on. I think that’s what you’d call a winner. *Side note – also a winner, this blush-toned cold-shoulder knit I got from New Look for £4!!!*

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Wearing: jacket c/0 SheIn* (linked similar below), New Look jumper (linked similar below), Primark jeans DIY (linked similar below), Puma Suedes (linked below), SheIn glasses (linked similar below)

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  • Those Puma’s are so dreamy, I want them, dammit girl.
    Also love the lil fluffy details on the jacket, super cute!!
    India Pixie

    • Sophie

      They’re the best aren’t they!? Such a good price on ASOS too 😉 Thanks India xx

  • Daniela S.

    Aww I love it all!!

    • Sophie

      Thanks Daniela! x