Finding A Designer Handbag Dupe

We all like to look at designer items when it comes to fashion but it takes a lot to actually part ways with your hard-earned dosh and invest in a designer piece. I’ve been this close before with a Kate Spade bag and a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes but my style and mind change far too often for me to really commit. That’s not a bad thing – I love being able to switch up my style daily and be whatever I want to be at any given time and I don’t think I’d want to be tied to one particular style. However, it’s still nice to get in on the latest high-end trends so I feel like it’s my job to find the cheaper alternatives and share them with you here on the blog. That way we can all look stylish while saving the cash all at once!

There’s a few high-end brands that are completely on top of their game atm – I mean, who doesn’t wish they had that Gucci belt? – and I’m here to help. Chloe have nailed their signature look with their bags and if you look in the right places, you’ll see cheaper versions of the ring and chain bag everywhere. SheIn have some great dupes in stock and for about $20 I’ve got my very own Chloe dupe bag. Don’t be fooled by the crazy low prices either – their bags look and feel such good quality and it’s a bag I would’ve happily bought from Zara for double the price. Did you see the other SheIn bag I blogged a couple of weeks ago?

Just a quick mention to these glasses too. No, I don’t need them for seeing but there’s no harm in faking it, is there? They were a bit more oversized than I expected when I ordered them, but they’re growing on me more and more (not literally) and I can’t take them off at the minute!

If you struggle to stick to one style like me, check out SheIn for some great budget alternatives to the real deal! xx Sophie

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Wearing: SheIn bag (linked similar below), SheIn glasses (linked similar below), M&Co coat (sold out, linked similar below), Yves Saint Laurent jumper (thrifted, linked similar below), Zara jeans (linked similar below), H&M boots (old, linked similar below), Topshop S necklace, V Necklace c/o Orelia*