Finding My Signature With A Little Help From Next

When you find your own personal style and get comfortable with it, you can sometimes find that you’re always going for the same type of pieces when you go shopping. Then you start to question yourself, am I getting too predictable with what I’m buying? and are my outfits getting too repetitive? but honestly, if you’ve found your own style then a) well done you (because a lot of people struggle for years to find their own individuality when it comes to style) and b) just enjoy it! Who cares if you own 50 cream knits or 432 pairs of skinny ripped jeans? You know the differences between them all and whether you really needed that extra stripy t-shirt is practically irrelevant as long as you’re happy. I’ve just started reading Love Style Life by style blogger Garance Doré, who writes inside “if she likes a certain kind of t-shirt, she won’t hesitate to buy three. This will become her signature” and I don’t see why we can’t all live by this – it sounds pretty good to me.

To go off on a little tangent for a minute, an email dropped into my inbox last week telling me I’d been nominated as Next Blogger of the Month – how cool!?  As a result I got to pick out some beautiful pieces from Next’s latest collection. I spent a good while scrolling through the website and I admit I wavered over a pair of wrap heels and a chic top with flared sleeves but, as predicted, I came right back to this stripy t-shirt and oversized hoodie combo. Never mind the fact I already own a million hoodies and one too many stripy tops because this is my signature and I’m gonna wear it.

I could pick out quite a fair few things from Next which fit into my signature but how funky is the soda pop hoodie with those wide sleeves? A little detail like the sleeves takes it from level 1 hoodie to level 10 fashion-statement-piece-which-just-so-happens-to-be-extremely-comfy-and-casual…and that’s how you can buy 3 of the same piece – because technically they’re not all the same 😉

Did you catch my mini Instagram photo shoots with both of these pieces individually? If you missed it then check it out here @notcentralfash!

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Read the article about blogger of the month here and let me know in the comments what your signature is xx Sophie

Wearing: top c/o Next*, hoodie c/o Next*, Topshop jeans, Adidas Stan Smiths

  • Liv

    Loving all the graphics!


    • Sophie

      Thanks Liv! They’re perfect for spicing up a casual look 🙂 xx