The Longline Cardi & Pendant Necklace

To defy everything I’ve said in my recent blog posts about being a sweatshirt fiend and always picking jackets over cardigans, I’m donning a longline cardi for today’s post. Some may say contradictory, I say fashion chameleon. OK, maybe that’s a little bit OTT – I’m not claiming to be the next Lady Gaga or anything but there’s no harm in switching up your style every now and then to keep ’em guessing.

The longline cardi is a great piece for the upcoming Spring season. It works well as a chic coverup to beat the chill (not only does it keep your arms warm but the extra length = cosy legs too!) but it can also be the statement piece of your outfit, depending on what you go for. I think mine fits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I’m wearing it in a neutral navy but the all-over stripe pattern gives it just enough in-ya-face quality to make it the focus of the whole look.

Style tip: when you’re keeping your outfit to a neutral colour palette, you can go all out on the accessories. You probably know by now that minimal jewellery is my thang but I couldn’t resist going for something a bit different with a long length pendant necklace from Born Pretty. Check out their Starry Sky jewellery collection and take 10% off your order with the code BVT10.

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Wearing: Kylie cardi (linked similar below), Topshop jumper (linked similar below), Topshop jeans (linked below), H&M boots (linked similar below), necklace c/o Born Pretty*, Holo nail polish c/o Born Pretty*, Topshop sunglasses (linked similar below), H&M hat (linked similar below), Kate Spade bag (linked similar below)

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