How To Incorporate The Metallic Trend Into Your Wardrobe

Today’s post is all about how to wear the metallic trend. Yeah, we probs all like the idea of a pair of shiny gold shoes or a silver sweatshirt, but how do you actually incorporate that into your every day wardrobe? Well, ladies and gents, it’s actually pretty simple and I’m gonna show you how with my very own silver sweat.

I guess it really depends on what item you’ve got and in which metallic shade. In my case, my sis came home from a shopping trip with this bargain jumper from none other than Tu @ Sainsbury’s! Yes, you can get an amazing trend-led fashion item from a supermarket clothing range. I think this was about ¬£6 in the sale so you know you can get a bargain from a shop like that. Especially a good thing if you’re just dipping your toe into a trend that’s admittedly a little bit scary.

Since silver is on the cool side of the colour spectrum (as opposed to gold which has a much warmer tone and would require a whole other blog post) I kept the whole look pretty monochrome. I nearly went for a more out-there look with a pair of looser-fitting jeans and silver platform trainers, but I had a last minute outfit change into something much more comfortable, and easy to wear day-to-day. Shoulder-robing a smart coat means that there’s only a hint of metallic peeking out in case you’re a bit conscious of the fact that you’re wearing silver in places that aren’t jewellery. Then, if you start to feel more brave, the jacket is so easy to whip off and fling over your shoulder. Grey boots, grey bag, and faded black jeans normalise the metallic look so you can just go about your day with a careless attitude like we all wear shiny silver clothes every day.

Simple, and that’s how to wear the metallic trend like a pro.

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Let me know if you’d like to see a similar post but with gold tones rather than silver! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Tu @ Sainsbury’s sweatshirt (sale), M&Co coat (sale), ASOS jeans, H&M boots (old), bag c/o Wholesale7*