Can I Add One More Sweatshirt To The Collection?

Now if you know me then you might know that when I’m not at work I live in sweatshirts. My collection is pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself, and I’m absolutely certain that I’ve not finished buying them yet. Every time I come across another one, I’m guaranteed to get a “not another sweatshirt” comment from my mum. Well yeah, I might already have another 3,000 sweatshirts in my wardrobe but you know I’m gonna get wear out of this item, don’t you. Speaking of wardrobes, did I mention that I have one whole wardrobe dedicated to my sweatshirt collection only…

Has the obsession gone too far yet?

While I was purchasing my motivational notebooks and insta-worthy phone case from Coconut Lane (check ’em out here!), I couldn’t help but slip a sassy little sweatshirt into my basket too. It was a toss up between this one and the one that said Pizza is Bae because, let’s face it, that’s basically true. This one in white came out on top in the end because who doesn’t want to be part of that club? I know I do.

(btw, you can get each of their sweatshirts in a load of different colours, including pink – maybe I should’ve picked the pink one…? Definitely too many options for the indecisive fashion addict over here.)


I thought I’d style this up super casually today, so that you can see the sort of thing I’m living in when I’m not shooting photos for the blog! My uniform no matter what time of year consists of jeans, trainers, sweatshirts, and I can’t see that changing just yet. Make sure you don’t get repetitive with it by changing up your accessories and outerwear. Jackets are probably the next item I’ve got far too many of, but the more the merrier I say.

My style tip for this post is to buy a pair of plain white trainers, like my Stan Smiths. They go with every single outfit you will ever put together and nearly put you off buying a pair of trainers ever again because nothing can compare. Until ASOS throws a pink suede Puma shaped curveball your way, that is. *Instagrams to follow when the delivery arrives –@notcentralfash


Check out the other funky sweatshirts over on Coconut Lane and take 20% off your order with “notcentralfash20”!  xx Sophie

This post is in collaboration with Coconut Lane*

Wearing: Coconut Lane sweatshirt (linked similar below), Topshop jacket (linked below), Zara jeans (sale, linked similar below), Adidas Stan Smiths (linked below), A J Morgan sunglasses (linked below), Kate Spade bag (linked similar below)

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