How To Blog & Work Full Time | 5 Tips To Becoming A Girlboss!

I started my blog 3 and a half years ago while I was studying at college. I’ve kept it going throughout all this time but now I’m working full time it can be difficult to find time to fit everything in. My days off work are consumed by my blogging schedule, but guess what? I love it! Shooting photographs, editing them, finding words to go alongside the pictures, and sharing across my social media channels is what my free time almost always looks like. There’s a lot of work that goes into running a blog and it has taken me a while to figure out how to keep on top of it all while I’m working too, so I thought it was about time I shared with you how I do it.

I’ve come up with 5 key points which are pretty much essential for making sure your blog is running smoothly while you’re busy at your job. The blog won’t write itself, ya know! Let’s get straight into it…

1. Schedule Posts —

OK, so this is probably the main point so I thought it was the best place to start! The biggest thing I’ve found with trying to maintain my blog while I’m working is that it means I sometimes go for days without posting anything. For some people, this might suit them but posting regularly is something I consider quite important. I know traffic and views shouldn’t be the main reason why you publish a blog post – you should be doing it because you have something to say and you love doing it of course! – but let’s not pretend your stats don’t mean anything to you. If you want to build up a loyal readership base then having a regular posting schedule is key. The more you post, the less likely it is for your readers to forget about you. Simple.

I’ve learned over the past year or so that the easiest way to get round the problem of not being able to post for days is to pre-write your posts and set them ready to publish before-hand. It’s so easy to do, and this way you can keep your blog updated all throughout the week, without you even having to press a button when you get home from work! Admittedly, scheduling posts isn’t my favourite thing to do – I much prefer to write when the words come to me and be there to watch it go live as I hit the publish button – but it’s definitely a handy little tool you should be using if you struggle to find enough time in the day.

2. Carry a notebook with you, everywhere —

This one’s pretty self-explanatory: keep a notebook and pen with you in each of your handbags. This way you’ve always got somewhere to jot down any ideas that come to you while you’re on the go. These ones from Coconut Lane are pretty cute, and they’re filled with blank pages so you can write, draw, doodle – however your ideas come to you. btw you can get 20% off your orders at Coconut Lane using the code “notcentralfash20”! There’s some pretty stuff on there to help you get on top of your blogging schedule so what are you waiting for?!

For me, these are the perfect accompaniment to my lunchtime breaks. Use your break times to write your blog posts. That way it’s easy to type up your content when you get home, and lessens the time before you can hit publish and hop into the bath!

3. Buy a blogging calendar —

Some notebooks come with a planner sort of vibe inside them, or you can just use a plain notebook like I do. Put a new date at the top of each page and then start to fill it in with your blogging plans. Which days are you going to publish each week? When are the weekly blogger chats on twitter? That sort of stuff. Then you’ll never miss a beat.

4. Shoot your blog photos in bulk —

This one is something I’ve been doing pretty much since day one and is a tip I’ve used ever since. Quite often I will use my days of to shoot 3 or 4 different outfit posts one after the other, so that I’ve got a few stored in my drafts in case of emergencies! You never know when the bad weather’s gonna hit and you can’t get out to shoot, so plan your outfits in advance and get multiple shoots done in one go.

5. Schedule your social media posts —

I think this is another pretty big point because I always find I forget to promote my posts on my social channels, especially twitter. What’s the point in publishing your post if you’re not going to let the world know it’s out there? I set reminders on my phone and use the app, Hootsuite to solve all my social media woes. Basically every time I write a post I know my next job is to schedule a tweet via Hootsuite. Tap out what you wanna say, attach a relevant pic and hit schedule. Then just sit back and let technology do the rest for you!

…and there you have it – my 5 tips on how to blog and work full time! Let me know if these are helpful to you, and if you’d like to see any other blogging tips posts here on the blog! xx Sophie

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