Denim Jacket (With Graffiti!!!) | It’s Jacket Season

Guyysss, I’m pretty excited about this one because it’s finally jacket season! While we’re still a world away from the summer, the sun keeps making a much-welcomed appearance and we no longer have to live our lives bundled up to the eyebrows in winter accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good coat but when you’ve spent virtually 6 months hibernating inside one, things start to get a bit too much. So let’s all put our hands together for the jacket – whatever type you may be wearing.

I’m just gonna get straight to it because I’m excited about my new denim, which if you’ve been over on my Instagram lately, you might have gathered from me bombarding you with pics of it. Soz. I discovered the joys of the Misspap website last week (after drooling over Instagram pictures posted by some other bloggy gals) and in true Sophie fashion, I made a little purchase. (Well, little is one word for it…)

This wasn’t the denim jacket I was originally looking for, but I’m glad now that the black denim was sold out in my size because it led me to this graffiti-covered alternative that I now can’t seem to take off. I’ve chatted on before about my love for embroidered things and clothing with patches so I won’t bore you with it again, but I just want to point out that this is the perfect hybrid. Plus, it’s oversized and while I may be small and at risk of being drowned in something like this, I love the fact that I could pretty much wear this as a dress if I wanted to. That is, if I didn’t already own two denim dresses…

I’ve been wearing this jacket with pretty much every outfit but for the blog I decided to style it as a double denim look. Risky, I know but if you can’t wear double denim on the blog then where can you wear it? Anyway, I just happen to be fan of multiple denims all at once, especially if you whack a bright colour in as the sandwich-filler. It separates it all out, ya know? Louche have the best brightly coloured sandwich-fillers (sweatshirts), so good in fact that I already own 3 in all different colours. Check them out at Joy the Store.

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What’s your go-to jacket for Spring – denim, leather or bomber? xx Sophie

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  • Logan Porter

    Yes! Oversize denim jacket for the win! Such an adorable, edgy look.

    xo Logan

    • Sophie

      Thanks Logan! Oversized denim will always be a fave of mine! xx