I’m Calling It | Mesh Is The Next Big Thing

What do you think of when you think of Spring? Is it flowers, cuz’ I think it’s flowers and so how perfect is this t-shirt? And my gosh does it go with my new embroidered mules. Wow, I’m really going for all the florals, aren’t I!? Just imagine if I’d styled this look with my floral embroidered jeans too…but then that would probs be overdoing it a tad…

Now I’m just going to put it out there and call it now, mesh is going to be a thing. Along with a bit of floral embroidery and some fringing, I think mesh could be the new trend. You normally see it added into the sports luxe vibe as a standard material, but I’m really quite liking it as more of a feminine feature. Kind of like lace but a little less pretty, and since I’m a fan of toughening up a girly look, then maybe mesh could be my new thing. I guess I’ll just say watch this space…

I wanted to create a really relaxed vibe for this photoshoot because you know that the everyday uniform in this weather is t-shirt and ripped jeans and I wanted to show you just how easy and comfortable it is to wear. I DIY-ed these jeans because I wanted to get extreme rips, and what better way to get exactly the type of ripped jeans you want then to buy a pair of plain blue jeans and taking a pair of scissors to them?

The great thing about this t-shirt and why you need to invest in one yourself (I say invest, but this will cost you less than £12 so really you’d be snapping up a bargain) is that it has all the little details which make you look like you’re so fashion, and yet all you did was throw on a black tee when you got up. How easy can you get?

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Wearing: t-shirt c/o SheIn*, thrifted bomber jacket, Primark jeans (DIY), Public Desire mules