Embroidered Trainers | The Shoes That Go With Every Outfit

I’m really sorry if you guys are getting bored of the whole Gucci thing that’s doing the rounds at the moment, but if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to get enough of it. Did you see my post about the loafer dupes from Ego? Well I think they were only the start of my campaign to look like I’m rocking Gucci without actually spending the money to get there. Yes, Ego do the best dupes, including these trainers which look like they’ve come straight off the Gucci website, when in fact they only set me back a teeny £25. How good is that?

You know that you’ll mainly catch me wearing my Stan Smiths when I’m not at work so it’s no surprise really that these trainers caught my eye and ended up in my wardrobe. There’s something about a white trainer that I love – it’s probably something to do with the fact that they go with literally every outfit I ever put together. I’m sure we all have those moments where you put together a look, top jeans jacket, but then have no clue what shoes to wear…well a pair of white trainers will fix every one of those moments you have. Honestly, I don’t know what I did before I had them, and if you’re on a budget and Stan Smiths are a bit too pricey then a pair of these will do the trick just as nicely. Go Ego.

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How to style these Gucci dupes? Well like I said before, they’ll pretty much finish off any outfit perfectly. The vintage high-waisted jeans, slogan tee and smart casual jacket is one way to go, but I could think of a million outfits to pop these on with, and no doubt you’ll be seeing them feature a lot here on the blog and over on my Instagram. All I can say is watch out Adidas…


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Wearing: Ego trainers, Marella Sport jacket, H&M jeans, Adolescent t-shirt, Zara bag

  • Liv

    Love the sneakers. Totally completes any outfit!



    • Sophie

      They’re the perfect casual shoe, right!? xx