The Jacket For Summer And How To Wear It Now

So I’m pretty sure I’ve already established once or twice before here on the blog that I’m The Jacket Queen. Never a cardigan, always a jacket – that’s my motto (or maybe I just made that up on the spot but it sounds good, right?). With my jacket obsession in mind, I walked into Next last week and gasped at the sight of this one. ‘White!? Why, I don’t own a white jacket yet!’ were my thoughts, and what better way to encourage the summer to come along quicker than to don a summer colour in an item that’s gonna keep me cosy?

What I particularly like about this jacket is it’s utility vibe. We’ve all worn khaki and other military tones of green, probably to the point that we’ve exhausted the colour for now, so why not update your look with a fresh take on the trend? The other factor I’m loving about this one is it’s price. ¬£28 for an item that I feel like I could live in alllll summer long and not get fed up of. As long as I don’t spill food down it at the first moment I get…

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The jacket is a really casual piece, but I decided to smarten it up a little by layering a light blue pinstripe shirt underneath. I kept it unbuttoned to maintain the relaxed feel, and pushed the sleeves of the jacket up slightly to let the shirt cuffs break through and take some attention. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of blue pinstripe? (Also a perfect colour/print for the summer season I’m thinking.)

Slip on plimsolls like these are having a fashion moment, and they no longer have to be associated with primary school PE lessons. Anyone else remember those awful black plimsolls from back in the day? Well, these have been given a pretty update from the school plimsoll days. You can even grab yourself some with ruffles, bows, or embroidery on if you’re feeling fancy. You know I’m normally feeling fancy, especially when it comes to shoes, but sometimes a clean white pair can speak just as loudly, am I right?

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Wearing: Next jacket, Lands’ End shirt, River Island plimsolls (sold out!), bag c/o Wholesale7*