The CUTEST Shirt Ever | Update Your Plain White Shirt

Wearing an embroidered white shirt

I feel like at the moment I’ve got a few things on repeat in my wardrobe and on the blog. These H&M jeans, Ego trainers (Gucci dupes might I add!!), and Zara bag seem to be everywhere I look so #sorrynotsorry for that. For fear of boring anyone who scrolls onto my page, I decided to “switch it up” a bit with this cute embroidered shirt. (Putting switch it up in quotation marks there because really all I’ve done is put the same outfit on with a different top underneath. But hey, we’re gonna roll with it.)

We all know that embroidery is a huuuggee trend right now, and I’m sure the amount I’ve been wearing these trainers tells you that I’m on it. Big time. So I’m sure you can imagine my delight when I came across this shirt on Romwe with the cutest embroidery ever. I mean, a giraffe sticking out of your shirt pocket nibbling a leaf from your collar!? If you think you can top that for cuteness then lemme know.

I’m sure we all own a plain white shirt (and if you don’t then what are you thinking!?) because they are a big staple in any wardrobe. Whether it’s what you wear to the office, or with a pair of ripped jeans for off-duty style, anyone can rock one. For you white shirt lovers out there then I think this is the perfect update for your wardrobe come summer. I’m not saying throw out your plain shirt, but it’s all about the fun prints and patterns this season, so why not jazz up your look with a giraffe? It makes so much sense now I’ve put it like that, right!?

Wearing an embroidered white shirt  

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Wearing: shirt c/o Romwe*, H&M jeans, Ego trainers, Zara bag, Thrifted bomber jacket