Cropped Sweatshirt DIY & Throwback To Summer

Wearing a cropped sweatshirt

All of my recent posts have been about transitioning into the autumn season. My transitional ‘what’s in my wardrobe’ video will be up on the blog tomorrow. It is currently live on my youtube channel here if you wanna see if right now! Today’s post, however, is a throwback to a few weeks ago when it was sunny, warm, and I had a bit of a tan. I only have a few pics from it and it’s a shoot that seemed to go forgotten as I got wrapped up in posting other content. These photos sum up my summer evenings perfectly, though. We’d go out shooting 2 or 3 outfits at a time to make the most of golden hour. Now it’s getting chillier, and I’m feeling more and more reluctant to go outside to shoot pics. Yes, winter is every blogger’s nightmare.

Wearing a cropped sweatshirt Wearing a cropped sweatshirt

There won’t be any links to this ‘fit unfortunately. The top is an old men’s H&M sweatshirt that I chopped up to make into a cropped sweat-t-shirt. The jeans – an amazing buy from the Topshop sale which I don’t seem to be able to find online. I’ve sourced some similars below, though, so you can still ‘get the look’.

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Wearing a cropped sweatshirt Wearing a cropped sweatshirt

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