Co-ordinating Colours Or Clashing Them? The Debate

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to write about for this post. But I thought I’d chat about colour co-ordinating your outfits. Are you team colour co-ordinate, or team colour clash? Because let’s be real, both can look super chic in their own right. I guess it’s all about whether you’re one of those put-together, polished kinda chics, or if you’re generally a bit all over the place and not afraid to show that through your outfits. When I say polished, I mean the kind of girls you see walking through Topshop. Their make-up is perfect, their style is refined, and their outfit matches together to perfection. When I say all over the place, I mean it in the best possible way. Like, your look is a bit undone. Purposefully messy hair, minimal make-up, rainbow colours coming through in your style, and probably a good old pair of docs.

I have to admit, I’d like to think I’m somewhere between the two. Or a mixture of the two, with one or the other coming out predominantly depending on my mood when I get up in the morning. Most of the time, I’ll probably just chuck on a sweatshirt and some beaten trainers (or my Valentinos if I’m feeling really snazzy) or my faithful biker boots. So I guess that puts me more on the scale of the “all over the place” girl. But sometimes, just sometimes, I like to take more time to put together a fashiony outfit. Especially when I’m dressing for the blog.

Bringing it back to today’s look, I basically knew I had to shoot this pastel blue sweatshirt (can I get a woop woop for those bow details on the sleeves pls) and my first thought was to pair it with the blue velvet platform trainers (of dreams may I add). So when does colour co-ordinating your outfit become too much? Or is there such thing as being too co-ordinated? I’m definitely a fan of the classic colour clash every now and then -long live the controversial pink and red combo- but I reckon colour co-ordinating is my go-to when it really comes down to it. I mean, if you see two things in your wardrobe that are a perfect colour match, I know you’re lying if you tell me you wouldn’t pair them together in a flash.

So I guess my outfit in today’s pics answers my own question for myself. Without realising it before I sat down to start writing, I’d put together a colour co-ordinated outfit and to do so gave me that great feeling of satisfaction. Not that a colour clash isn’t my thing too. All you gotta do is check out this post for evidence.

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