The Illusion of Instagram, The Perfect (Virtual) Life

the illusion of Instagram

We all love Instagram. It’s hands down the best social media platform and the one we all reach for first thing when we wake up in the morning. Yet there’s a stigma around it being the place to create the image of a perfect life. We take hundreds of pictures of the same flatlay and thousands of versions of that ootd to find only one or two that make the grade. And only a few hours and multiple editing suites later is that one image deemed suitable for upload. I know it’s not just me who is guilty of doing this. In fact, whether you’ve realised it or not, I’m sure every single one of you reading this post has done that at least once in your self-confessed Instagram career.

It’s the illusion we like to create of a perfect life. ‘Cos isn’t Instagram basically just your life’s highlights reel? So therefore we’re going to pick out our best bits, right? Isn’t that just human nature?

So why are we seeing people who have an issue with the illusion of Instagram if it’s only our natural instinct to create that? Is it the fact that those who are labelled ‘influencers’, who hold some level of power on social media, are idealising a certain lifestyle that seems unattainable to the normal person? But these so-called influencers have the same natural tendencies as everyone else and should surely be able to play the same Instagram game too. Or do they have a duty to their followers/subscribers/fans to show every aspect of their existence? Not just the best out of a hundred glamorous selfies, but their ‘I just woke up’ faces, their bad hair moments, and their down days where they don’t change out of their pyjamas or leave the house.

And in the end I think it all comes down to the individual and how much they choose to share with the world. Besides, don’t you think a good blend of realness and illusion on your feed is the best way? Yeah, it can be refreshing to see the real and raw, unedited moments of life pop up in the ‘you might like’ section. But we also revel in those photos we can tag #goals and share with our bestie for future reference next time we shoot pics for the ‘gram.

Talk to me in the comments! What are your thoughts on the the Instagram Illusion – are you all for, or all against?

the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram

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the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram the illusion of Instagram

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