Music and Fashion are Basically the Same Thing

music and fashion

I never really talk about music on the blog anymore. Back in my first days of blogging, I’d share a song I was loving every single week on a #nowplaying series. But these days all my content seems to be limited to fashion. (Not that I’m complaining because fashion’s my first and foremost.) But it just so happens that fashion and music go hand in hand. I recently bought Wonderland magazine and came across an article about the creative director of Billionaire Boys Club, who talked about how fashion and music are so closely linked that they’re basically the same thing. And it wasn’t until I got this t-shirt that I decided it was about time to bring some tunes back to the blog.

I can’t really do anything without music, and I’m sure so many other people are the same. It’s such an integral part of life and, in my opinion, a necessity. When I’m shooting blog pictures, I have to have music on in order to be able to pose (it’s kinda like dancing, you know). When I’m writing for a blog post, I have to listen to music or the words won’t flow. And in pretty much every other aspect of life (apart from sleeping obvs) I have the music blaring to keep myself company. So when I think about it, music is the best friend I’ve ever had. OK, cool.

My soundtrack to this blog post is John Mayer, The Search For Everything, and in particular, Emoji of a Wave. He’s probably my all-time favourite musician and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to a John Mayer playlist. Hence why I just had to have this emoji of a wave t-shirt when I saw it. I love that it’s one of those things where you only know¬†if you know. (And if you’re reading this and you don’t know, then you need to go and listen to The Search For Everything asap (but finish reading this post first)).

So I guess this post is just a reminder that music is so important to fashion because they basically inspire each other. When you’re so consumed in clothing and styling and sharing that on the internet, it’s easy to forget that music has influenced it, and vice versa. And what I’d really love to know now is what music inspires you. Hit me up in the comments with some of your go-to albums because I’m always searching for the next everything to listen to.

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music and fashion music and fashion music and fashion

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