Take the Bull by the Horns in 2018

Missoma horn necklaceI’ve decided that 2018 is the year to take the bull by the horns. As you probably guessed by the title of this post. Soz if you’re sick of reading these kinds of posts on every blog you read but I gotta get these thoughts down too, you know. I’ve seen so many people calling 2018 as the year. The year to work harder than any other year so far. The year to create the best content yet. The year of success. And I’m really hoping that it will be that kind of year for everybody. Because wouldn’t that be nice.

But you know, these things don’t happen just by sitting there and saying empty words about the promise of 2018. They happen by getting up off ya bum and going for it. Whatever it may be that you’re after. Hard work is what stands out. Yet if you’re doing something you genuinely love then it shouldn’t really feel like hard work. I know that people say you’re really lucky if you can find something you love doing and get someone to pay you for doing it in your lifetime, but you know what? I think you should only do what you love in life. As a wise Alfie Deyes once said, do more of what makes you happy. And I truly like to follow that motto. Cuz guess what? Doing more of what makes you happy only makes you happier.

So, taking the bull by the horns this year means getting my stuff together with this blog. 2017 was the year of posting whenever I could find time to sit down, procrastinate, and then maybe write a blog post. This year, I’ve put together a schedule so I’ll be posting here every Monday and Thursday, and there’ll be a video upload every Sunday on my youtube channel too. I want less of the fluffy posts where I’m scraping the barrel writing about the t-shirt I’m wearing and more meaningful posts. I’d love it if you’d like to follow me on my renewed blogging journey so hit that subscribe button up on the right if you’re with me.

Missoma horn necklace Missoma horn necklace Missoma horn necklace Missoma horn necklace

Can I also just give a lil’ shoutout to this beautiful jewellery from Missoma. Again, soz if you’re fed up of seeing these necklaces on your fave bloggers cos I’m waayy late on this bandwagon. But better late than never I guess. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of these pieces until you see them in the flesh but I was lucky enough to get these for my birthday this week and I had to share them with you on the blog. You know the type of jewellery that you can just wear every single day without getting bored of them? And you know the type of jewellery that makes a plain t-shirt or jumper look incredibly jazzy? Yeah, that.

I’m Wearing:

Horn necklace on bobble chain

Mini fang necklace

Talisman ring 

(all Missoma)

Missoma horn necklaceMissoma horn necklace

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