Tonal Dressing & How To Avoid Looking Like A Lemon

tonal blue dressing

I was just discussing the other day how I don’t understand people who colour co-ordinate their outfits from head to toe. I saw someone wearing a completely yellow outfit, and I wasn’t down for it. Waaayyy too lemony and it wasn’t right. *No offence if that was you and you’re reading this…* If you read my post from the other week where I talked about colour co-ordinating, you might be screaming at your computer screen “you’re contradicting yourself”. But come on people, there’s colour co-ordinating and there’s colour co-ordinating. It’s gotta be done right. You know?

My kind of colour co-ordinating is tonal dressing. And I think blue is probably one of the best ~and easiest~ ways to achieve the look and to avoid the lemon situation. But why blue? You ask. Well, simply because you can mix it up with a whole lot of denim in a whole lotta different washes. I’m not delving into the double denim realms of fashion today (although I am partial to a bit of double denim, let it be said) but as an idea, it’s probably better to go for blue than yellow. Just sayin, lady-in-yellow that I saw the other day.


tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing

I’ve got a haul coming to my youtube channel this weekend that features this cute blue tee (catch up on my latest vid ~my favourite beauty products for winter~ here!) and I thought this bold, bright blue was calling for some tonal styling. And since it’s *finally* february today, I think we can basically say it’s spring, right? (I know. I’m kidding myself with these temperatures, but I can dream.) And for me, spring = dungarees. I don’t know why, so don’t ask me, but I thought it was time I dug the dungas out of the wardrobe and they came in perfectly for this look. Dontcha think?

And if you caught my shoe collection part 1 video (watch it here if you missed it!) (shameless self-promo at its finest) then you will have seen me reintroduce these blue platform babies into my life. Cut a long story short, I was about to sell these boots when I realised I was making a huge life mistake and now they’re here, gracing the very pages of the blog. And hey, they’ve come in handy for this post on tonal dressing so I guess it was fate.

tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing

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tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing tonal blue dressing

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